The Cross Was Plan A

This design was put on my heart for a few months until God was throwing my wife and I hint after hint after hint. I heard the saying “The cross was plan A” in a sermon in early 2022 by a pastor & friend. It was a bold statement, and I knew I agreed because in my head, I was like “yeah, God doesn’t make mistakes, so this is a no brainer”, but it also got me pondering… Why did it have to happen that way? Why didn’t we just obey God in the first place and prevent the need for a savior anyway? But then it occurred to me: Jesus was with God while He created the earth. So was Holy Spirit. So if our story unfolded in the Bible as us being perfect beings never making mistakes, where would Jesus play a role? Where would Holy Spirit play a role? Thinking from that perspective made sense logically, but I was still craving a more thorough answer based on scripture. I kept hearing the phrase over and over. I’m not exaggerating. Our senior pastor said it two weekends in a row during this period of time, it was in a book I was reading at the time, and then on Good Friday, a pastor at another church spoke on the crucifixion in all of its gruesome details… He spoke of the flogging, people casting lots for Jesus’ clothes, how He was despised by the people, how His hands and feet were pierced, how his bones were out of joint, how dehydrated He was, and then how Jesus, at the end of all of this, asked “My God, why have you forsaken me?”. Then he said, “you see, this was the plan all along” and turned to Psalm 22. He read about the details he had just described detailing Jesus’ Crucifixion, but this time he was reading from a book that was written 1,000 years before Jesus, and 600 years before Crucifixion was even INVENTED. It hit me. I knew it was all planned, but this is when I KNEW it was all planned… That Satan had played right into the plan, and that this was the greatest story in the history of the world. The cross was plan A y’all. God won.